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About Sponsors

Sponsors are hugely beneficial to a sports league, and they're a great way to supplement the revenue received from league fees. This is why sponsorship is such a big focus on League Engine. Not only will sponsors have their logo with a link to their website shown on the public website, but also within the Member's Area.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsoring a league is advantageous to the sponsors themselves because (a) it acts as a form of advertising since their logos are shown on the public website and in the Member's Area, and (b) it shows that the individual, business, or organization gives back to the community.

Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsoring a league is both easy and quick. First of all, when creating the league, you must choose how much to charge for the annual sponsorship. For example, let's say your annual sponsorship is $600. There will then be three options to choose from. A 12-Month Sponsorship for $600 ($50/month), and a Monthly Sponsorship for 20% more than the annual plan at $60/month. All sponsorship plans are subscription-based, but they can be canceled at any time.

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