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Creating Teams


Set the Structure

Once players have registered for your leagues, the team structure can be created. You can assign the (a) number of teams, and (b) number of levels.

For example, if you have 60 teams, you can choose to have 10 teams of 6 levels or 12 teams of 5 levels. With the first example, this means that there are ten different teams, each containing five spots for players of different levels. In the first spot is the most skilled player, and in the last spot is the least.

Note: Since the regular season is a round-robin, the higher the number of teams, the more rounds there will be, which means better value for your league. For example, with 10 teams, there would be nine rounds (plus the playoffs). With 12 teams, there would be 11 rounds (plus the playoffs).

Assign Players

Once the team structure has been set, each of the spots must be filled by your registered players. One option is to get the top players together and allow them to pick their team in a draft, or you can just assign each player to a spot based on their skill levels randomly. It doesn't matter who goes where, so long as the top players in the 1st position, all the way down to the least skilled players in the lower positions.

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